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For now these are my referer links but very soon I will be recruiting Affiliate Partners. Keep checking back for updates.
I earned $80 in gift cards in April 2013 for playing games, watching short videos and surfing the web on SwagBucks.       No Joke :)
This site is AWESOME!! You  basically trade stuff you dont want for stuff you do. I have gotten IPhones, Android Phones, Xbox games, and more just for giving away books, old dvds, and other usually valueless items.
InstaGC is alot like Swagbucks without the search engine. I earned $50 in Gift Cards from them in April 2013. Best part is once you have enough points you can cash out instantly for as low as a $1 giftcard.
Coinsumer is very interesting..... It's part listia with no auction just fixed prices where you can buy or sell using you coinsumer coins. You can also use your coins to promote your website, facebook page, Youtube video, etc.... And you earn coins by checking out other peoples pages its easy, fun, and profitable. I made $35 in gift cards (you can buy them with your coins straight from in April 2013.